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EARLY BIRD MENU available before each gig £10.50 p.p for 2 courses - Reserve a table between 5 - 6.30pm


The Lemon Tree Cafe &  Bistro, Keighley BD21 1QT

Tel 01535 662825


Entry to these events is by ticket only as numbers are limited. Tickets for all the above gigs can be booked at: The Lemon Tree Cafe Bistro, 153 Oakworth Road, Keighley BD21 1QT.  


Electronic payment is available.







Boo Hewerdine_4_2017 Boo Hewerdine_4_2017


Every Thursday - Live Music while you dine.


Saturday 2nd March 2019


Live Acustic Gig


Saturday 30th March


Song Writting Workshop and Acustic Live Gig


Hayes Sisters 1

Hayes Sisters  

2nd March 2019

GIG    £12 or £23.50 (with early bird meal)    


The Hayes Sisters are a sibling acoustic trio from Greater Manchester with three guitars, three voices, a banjo, and a focus on close familial harmonies! Spotted by the hugely talented Clive Gregson (associated with the likes of Richard Thompson, Nanci Griffiths, Eddie Reader), The Hayes Sisters soon had a producer, and a debut album in the making. Their songs are borne from personal experiences and emotions, inspired by history, politics and literature.


Boo Hewerdine_4_2017

Boo Hewerdine 

30th March 2019

GIG    £16.00 or £26.50 (with early bird meal)        

Song Writing Workshop  £50.00 (includes ticket for gig)

Listening to Boo talk, it’s clear he’s also incredibly passionate about his Song Writing Workshops, about empowering others to achieve. One of Boo’s most pleasing moments happened when Tanya Brittain, a singer who had never managed to finish a complete song before signing up, became confident and comfortable of her own abilities. Within two years she had formed a successful band “The Changing Room” with Sam Kelly.  Tanya won the FATEA website’s Single of The Year Award in 2016 for her song “Names on The Wall” narrowly beating Hewerdine’s own “Born”, the forerunner to the concept of 2017 album “Swimming in Mercury”.

Sold Out

Sold Out

Gig and Worshop