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EARLY BIRD MENU available before each gig £9.95/12.95 p.p for 2/3 courses - Reserve a table between 5 - 6.30pm


The Lemon Tree Cafe &  Bistro, Keighley BD21 1QT

Tel 015


Entry to these events is by ticket only as numbers are limited. Tickets for all the above gigs can be booked at: The Lemon Tree Cafe Bistro, 153 Oakworth Road, Keighley BD21 1QT.  


Electronic payment is available.







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Chico Pere & Glenn Sharp are flamenco musicians based in Manchester and Seville and are the founding members of 'Calaita Flamenco Son'. They play a mixture of traditional flamenco palos and contemporary flamenco rumbas.

Chico: Chico Pere grew up in Triana, Seville in a family of flamenco musicians and singers. He worked with bands in Barcelona before touring Andalucia as a singer and percussionist with a group specialising in Sevillanas and Rumbas. Chico then studied Piano and Flamenco Guitar at the Jam Session Academy before completing his first album, 'Son las cosas del buen Son'. Chico has been writing lyrics for 30 years and composing for 20 years, many of this compositions and lyrics hasn't seen the light yet.

Glenn: A session musician, composer and producer on the world music scene. Glenn specialises in flamenco and arabic music but has also composed for projects including Latin, Indian, African and ancient Roman music. He has studied traditional music worldwide, playing instruments including guitar, oud, saz, cumbus, bouzouki, lyre, cittern, charango, to mention a few. Recent composition work includes Ivor Novello award winning and Grammy nominated projects. Glenn currently plays guitar with 'Calaita Flamenco Son', 'Hamsa' and 'Olcay Bayir'.


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Chico Pere & Glenn Sharp (Founder Members of Calaita Flamenco Son)                                                             4th May 2018                                                  


Tickets £16.00 (incl £1.00 booking fee)

(£26.00 with an early bird meal)